About Us

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Feza Boys Secondary & High School

We believe that education is a shared responsibility and that the successful operation of a school depends on the cooperation of everyone involved: students, parents, and staff. The mission of Feza Boys Secondary & High School is to create a partnership among the members of this triad. Each of us is responsible for doing his or her part to make our school a place where we can all work and strive together in harmony.


Feza Boys Secondary & High School

The Ishik Medical and Education Foundation established the school as the first of its kind in Tanzania, in a humble building in Mikocheni (the current Nursery School building) with only 21 students. Now the school has shifted to its own 16 acre campus in Tegeta, and currently hosts 492 students, 61 teaching staff and 60 non-teaching staff.  The current school campus has been designed to satisfy the major goals of our esteemed institution; proper growth of our students mentally, physically and academically. We believe that such a focused environment is the best way to create good citizens and future leaders of this great nation. The quality of service and facilities provided, accompanied with qualified, dedicated teachers, and cooperative parents who value the importance of education, result in an ideal learning environment, which help in fulfilling the school’s motto; “Be Better Educated.”

As a result, our graduates have attained 100% placements in further educational institutions both in Tanzania and around the world. The school has also created the Feza Alumni Foundation, dedicated to keeping our graduates together, guiding and counseling them even after their graduation from school. This allows the Feza family to grow stronger.





1. About School

  • Our History: Feza Boys Secondary and High School was inaugurated 2001 by Ishik Education and Medical Foundation and started with 8 students. After short time , it became one of the most preferred school in Tanzania. Nowadays it provides quality education for 395 students in 24 stream.
  • Our Vision:To maintain high level of academic performance.
  • Our Mission:Feza Boys Secondary and High School aims to provide a well-rounded, character-building education through challenging interdisciplinary curricula, stimulating extra-curricular activities and community involvement.We seek to instill a life-long passion for learning, a strong sense of moral responsibility, and a welcoming of diversity.
  • Our Criterias: Quality,Modernism,reliability, originality and team work.
  • Our Education: Feza Boys Secondary and High School is an English medium school and teaches Maths, Science, English, Kswahili,Social Studies and Physical Education according to the Tanzanian Curriculum and also offers Turkish Language as a subject.
  • Our Goals: To grow up enlightened, humanitarian,peaceful and patriot generations who loves human being and targets lofty goals.
  • Facilities: Feza Boys Secondary and High School offers visual and computer based education ( Information and Communication Technology – ICT ) with field trips.In addition to this it provides nutritious breakfast and school transport.

3. School Model

High Standards and Quality Education

We have continually striven towards maintaining the high academic standards that will powerfully propel us into the 21st century. Because of our supportive parents, the staff have guided our students beyond all community and state mandated expectations. The Staff and Administrators at Feza Boys Secondary and High School are caring, competent, dedicated and willing to assist you. We are working very hard to provide the best possible learning climate to our students.

Discipline with Character

The character education program instills in our students values such as accountability, compassion, integrity, tolerance and leadership.

Parents & Community Involvement

By visiting students and their families at home, our teachers help build strong communication and a caring classroom. Teachers talk about student progress, programs and planning; parents provide priceless feedback and input; and students improve both academically and socially.

Communication and Safety

The school communicates with parents via email, telephone, and its comprehensive web site. By communicating quickly, the Administration at school sees to the progress, high attendance and safety of students.

Field Trips and Fun Activities

We do have a lot of field trips to help students learn from real-life experiences and broaden their horizon such us trips to local museums, as well as we strongly encourage our teachers to organize fun activities.

Science & Technology Projects

 Every student is required to do a research project. Research project is an enrichment activity, a family experience, and early start to academic work, an opportunity to develop a portfolio, a reference for the best colleges, and a way to establish connections.

Clubs in After School

We offer clubs in after school program such as Arts and Crafts, Computer, Puppet and Board Games, Movie, Table tennis, Languages, Folklore Dances, Drama, Science and Music clubs.

4. Communication

Recognizing the importance of working together, teachers are encouraged to keep contact with the parents of their students, and parents are encouraged to contact their child (ren)’s teacher when they need. It is in the best interests of the students if this communication is frequent and forthright. Students benefit most when there is a positive and collaborative relationship between home and school. The Homeroom teacher can be of assistance in helping to develop this relationship.