Introduction to School

In the campus of Feza Boys Secondary, there are two dormitory with patrons, Laundry to wash clothes, very large and clean dining-hall, football, basketball and volleyball pitches

A dispensary with two nurses and one doctor, two multimedia rooms and one project room.


Spanning 14 acres, in Kinondoni Municipal, Tegeta district, in the commercial city of Dar es Salaam, the School serves the education needs of students all over The United Republic of Tanzania. The school’s staff is mainly Tanzanian with a number of foreign volunteering teachers from different countries around the world. The student body is at large Tanzanian with a minority of white and Asian origin students.


Feza Boys Secondary School opened in 1998 as a secondary school from Form I to Form IV and started high school in 2005, and it is accredited by The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Tanzania. The school conducts competitive admission process.

Feza Boys High School is a comprehensive 2 years A-level education with 5 different core-subject combinations, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM), Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB), Economics, Geography and Mathematics (EGM), History, Geography and Economics (HGE) and History, Geography and Literature (HGL).

Local organized projects and competitions

  • The school hosts GENIUS CUP (Science and Mathematics competition) in 10 regions throughout Tanzania with more than 5000 students participating each year.
  • The school hosts AFRICA OPEN SCHOOLS DEBATE COMPETITION for all students aged between 12-18 years.
  • The school organizes INTERPRIMARY COMPETITION annually in the Dar es Salaam region