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Biology Week at Feza Boys

The biology Week was held in the last week of April in our school. More than 200 students participated in this activity.

Among the topics covered are biology newspapers, biology flowers, population genetics, and microscope reviews.

By using microscope, fifteen different living   samples tissues and cells were explored. Fun in learning through exploration!

Thanks for everyone….

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Owlypia – The Intellectuals’ Challenge

Our students has experienced today the Owlypia which is a global online competition inspired by The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC) .

Owlypia is an exciting international competition for students aged 14 to 18. It aims to inspire the intellectual curiosity in young minds around the world in 5 different subjects:

Social Sciences
Art & Design
Literature & Culture
Science & Technology
Economics & Business

We hope to see great results soon and in the competition at the University of Cambridge in April.

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Feza Boys students test their Concepts in JPL Invention Challenge

On the 25th November 2017 a group of Feza Boys A level students and with their Headmaster Mr. Albert Simon and students which are Eric Christopher Kadeo, Evans Basil Ewala, James Robert Mtendamema, Martin Calvin Msuya, Samson Ladislaus Msasa, Sydney Deogratius Muganda, Baraka Gibson Mwakipesile, Epiphany Wilbard Kaishe have participated JPL’s Invention Challenge in NASA.

They travelled USD to participate in the JPL Annual Invention Challenge hosted by NASA. It was held at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California. This year’s “Wiffle Ball Loft Contest” required competitors to create a device to launch up to 10 wiffle balls into a plastic tub located 19 feet, 8 inches (6 meters) away within a one-minute time allotment. The challenges were many: launching at the best angles with the varying wind directions; making sure the device was initiated by only one method; and even preventing the wiffle ball from breaking, which would result in disqualification.

Students built a catapult device for the 2017 Invention Challenge, an annual engineering competition at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.

Our team was awarded the most artistic device in the contest.  

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Parents Night

It was a Sunday the Form 1’s parents and student’s night. In the morning all students were excited for their parents to come. Most of the parents arrived at 6:00 pm and met their children. 

After all of the parents had known each other and had their dinner. We were directed to arrive at the amphitheatre for performance . We witnessed one the astonishing dance from Subiri, Billgates, Jibran, Noah, Yoseph, Joshua, Prince they were like Kinjaz at Feza. The voices of Paxton and Louis  amazed our auditory canals . We finished off with a game called DO U KNOW YOUR SON.

It was fun and exciting. In general, the Form One’s had the best time of their lives.


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The Judicial Week

Cool sea breeze were blowing on the fresh morning of 28th January 2018 at Kisutu magistrate Court grounds a cloud of people being led by the minister of constitution and law together with chief justice are starting a walk of 5.8km to the destination Mnazi Mmoja fields where the Minister Prof. Paramagamba John Aidan Mwaluko Kabudi opened the judicial week.

On 30th January we visited the Business Court where we were given insight on the physical structure of the court and the specification of the court. A moment later departed to the RITA tower to meet the court secretarial. On 31st January 2018 the best day of all in the week as we visited the High Court of Tanzania as we had a chance to meet the Chief Justice in personal Prof. Ibrahim Juma. As he introduced the top superstructure of the Judiciary system in Tanzania.

On 1st February we were back at Mnazi Mmoja grounds as the Minister called off The Learning session of Judicial Week. The summit of the Judicial week was reached on 2nd February at Chimala grounds as President Dr. Eng. Magufuli honored the ceremonies, where he delivered one of his paramount speech.


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Global Talent Search

Friday 2nd February, a great day for the brightest Feza Boys has to offer once more as a slew of Feza Boys students from O-level and A-level were awarded for their performance in the Global Talent Search Test that was done in November 2017.

The test consisted of about 80 questions where 20 mathematics questions, 30 physics questions, and 30 chemistry questions. It was done according to grades (i.e. each student did an exam with respect to their grade). Speaking to a few of them examines, they reviewed the test as tough and challenging, but our students were able to pull through the challenge.


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Form Four Examination Results 2017

The National Examination Council of Tanzania has announced the form four results for all Tanzania schools on 30th of January, 2018. Feza Boys Secondary and High School was one of the best performing school, it has got the 2nd position in the country. One of best performing student in the top ten was FUAD THABIT […]

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Feza Boys Secondary and High School student Nayabasetsi Juma Kisowile won the third place in the IT category in the UNICEP poster competition 2018 (The 2nd Universal Competition of Educational Poster).

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Teachers Annual Picnic at Ndege Beach

Feza Boys` administration team, teachers and administrative staff took the day off on the 17th of February and headed to Ndege Beach for a day of fun and relaxation.

Around 140 teachers and staff with their families attended the activity. Immediately after arrival they all got involved in several activities, which ranged from playing football, volleyball and many different games.

The all the staff really enjoyed with the activities and hopes to have another one like it soon. Such as this kind of activities helps to build stronger bonds between the school staff and teachers and also creates lasting memories.

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Feza Boys` Visited by the U.S. Embassy Staffers

Mr Jeff from US embassy exchanging views with our Form six students when he was addressing the topic in G/S about the role of US in peace keeping in the world and economic partnership between the two countries.

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