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The Judicial Week

Cool sea breeze were blowing on the fresh morning of 28th January 2018 at Kisutu magistrate Court grounds a cloud of people being led by the minister of constitution and law together with chief justice are starting a walk of 5.8km to the destination Mnazi Mmoja fields where the Minister Prof. Paramagamba John Aidan Mwaluko Kabudi opened the judicial week.

On 30th January we visited the Business Court where we were given insight on the physical structure of the court and the specification of the court. A moment later departed to the RITA tower to meet the court secretarial. On 31st January 2018 the best day of all in the week as we visited the High Court of Tanzania as we had a chance to meet the Chief Justice in personal Prof. Ibrahim Juma. As he introduced the top superstructure of the Judiciary system in Tanzania.

On 1st February we were back at Mnazi Mmoja grounds as the Minister called off The Learning session of Judicial Week. The summit of the Judicial week was reached on 2nd February at Chimala grounds as President Dr. Eng. Magufuli honored the ceremonies, where he delivered one of his paramount speech.


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